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The Experiences of Real Estate Owners in Trujillo, Honduras

Real Estate Owners in Trujillo

In learning more from others who have taken the same journey, you can begin to realize your dream of owning real estate in Trujillo, Honduras. This beautiful paradise is now home to many from across the globe. And within our latest post, we’ll highlight two of our most recent clients, Ruth and Peter, who fell in love with Trujillo after a visit. Here is their story.

Looking for an investment

Peter and his wife Ruth had come to a decision that would purchase a second home as an investment. They met with the team from NJOI at the Toronto Home Show and were interested right from the very beginning in the options offered by the company. They began the process with a comprehensive conversation which covered the Trujillo and Santa Fe real estate options and more about Honduras. They decided to take a trip for themselves after the conversation and found out that their trip would only cost $500 and would take them to a tropical paradise.

Discovering a dream location

Peter and Ruth had fully expected to enjoy Honduras but not to purchase any property within the country because they were looking for something closer to home. But during their trip, they realized they wanted to stay.

What we didn’t expect was that we would fall in love so quickly with this place. All of it… the mountains, the ocean, the food, the history and the people. It became easy to picture ourselves living a slower paced lifestyle in warm ocean breezes.

Somewhere between snorkeling on the reef, playing in the starfish colony, cliff diving at the waterfalls and eating the incredibly fresh food, we discovered that our whole outlook and focus had changed. We no longer saw Njoi Santa Fe as an opportunity for our financial growth, but rather an investment in ourselves.”

The couple now has a second home in Santa Fe, from which they can watch the sun rise and set over the mountains and enjoy the warm breeze as it whistles through the trees. They’re looking forward to growing old together in their new home in Honduras.

If you, like Peter and Ruth, wish to learn more about real estate in Honduras, whether it’s in Trujillo or Santa Fe, give our team at NJOI a call today.