¨ … where Columbus cast his eyes starboard and spotted the lush tropical shores near Trujillo; where the Maya built a monumental citadel at Copan Ruinas that flourished for some five centuries; where laid-back Afro-Caribbean vibes permeate life on the north coast and the reef-rich Bay islands; and where cobblestone colonial mountain towns flourish below misty mountaintops….  you can jungle-hop through the intriguing and wild Mosquito Coast, bathe in the crystalline waters of tranquil Utila and Roatan, bird-watch until your eyes bulge out in verdant cloud forests and wander forgotten colonial capitals like Gracias and Comayagua. Go on. Honduras is waiting. ¨

Lonely Planet, 7th Edition, 2010

Honduras is full of adventure…from hiking to zip lining, shopping to dining…it has it all! Here are a few pics of places I´ve been so far. Many of them I visited while bussing around Honduras by myself. I met many great travellers and locals!

Hiking in La Tigra National Park near Tegucigalpa

Amazing rock waterfall in La Tigra

 Municipal building-Tegucigalpa
View of the city…Tegucigalpa

Valley of Angels…artisan town near Tegucigalpa

Comayagua – beautiful churches and cobblestone streets

Inside the cathedral

Copan Ruinas

A ¨Stella¨ – Copan Ruinas

Cayos Cochinos

Cayos Cochinos – local children playing

A night of relaxing …dinner and a movie!