Welcome to Trujillo, Honduras!!!


My First Post- Welcome to Paradise!

This is my first post on my new blog and I just wanted to share my morning with you! I started my day paddle boarding with my good friends, Linda and Carol. It´s absolutely amazing…gliding over the emerald waters, sun glistening off the water…ah…it´s truly paradise. Today we saw 2 sting rays, a large brown one and a small spotted one! And of course, the ¨flying fish¨ that skip across the water like a shiny silver dollars! When I´m out on the water, gazing at the endless blue sea on one side and the lush green mountains on the other, I can´t believe I am so lucky to live here now!

Njoi Trujillo Beach Residences is Now Open!!!

Grand Opening Ceremony nov.13th, 2014

Grand Opening Ceremony nov.13th, 2014

WE are proud to introduce the new Njoi Trujillo Beach Residences. Our community consists of 66 homes in a gated community with 24 hour security in a new and exciting touristic destination in Trujillo Honduras. Friends, clientele new and old, the mayor of Santa Fe attended Noel Ruiz, our architect Hugo Coello, Engineer Mario Kieffer, partners Lucia and Paul Todos and Cristina and Gino Santarossa showcased this luxury estate development in a rustic, natural area here in Trujillo Honduras. Explore the beauty of Trujillo which is located on the northern coast of Honduras. Waterfalls, white sandy beaches, rain forests, organic food, warm people and affordability awaits you. History buffs will appreciate the Fortress of Santa Barbara in town left over from the 1500’s. Message me for your tour of the area and the Njoi Properties. Get in early as prices are sure to rise in the near future due to the new $20 Million Dollar Cruise ship terminal that recently opened on OCt.15th with the likes of the Norwegian Jewel and Holland America calling Trujillo home. Visit our webiste at www.njoitrujillo.com for more information or email us at info@njoitrujillo.com. Call us toll free at 1-888-960-6564 for more info.

Construction Updates – Njoi Trujillo Beach Residences

Hello Everyone.  It is my honour as the Senior Partner of the development to let everyone know that our construction has begun at the Njoi Trujillo Beach Residences.  The Njoi consists of 63 lots in phase 1 and 2 and as of 4 weeks ago we have begun.  Our Njoi community are thrilled to see advancements within the community and some of our clientele will begin building there dream homes starting mid-June 2014.  All our roads, water and hydro plus the front gates and the community club house will be completed in 5 months time.  Our clients that are building in June are anxious to spend Christmas 2014 in their new homes.  If you have never been to Trujillo Honduras you will find that we are in the safest community in all of Honduras with about 30,000 fishermen and farmers living in the area.  Expats are now coming to this great spanish colonial city to Njoi everything Trujillo has to offer.  Our next group tour starts May 10th with clients coming from all over Canada and the United States.  Tours will include; waterfalls, downtown Trujillo, Starfish Colony, Snorkelling at Cayos Blancos, Visiting the Fortress of Santa Barbara and much more.  We will also have a Native African Garifuna night where they natives come to Campamento Hotel with their instruments and costumes on and perform for all of us.  So far all of our clients have fallen in love with this tranquil town and its no wonder they selected Trujillo as the next Cruise Ship Port of Call in the Caribbean.   The Norwegian Jewel and Pearl are expected to Call here in Trujillo plus Holland America and many more smaller ships will be making there way into Trujillo this year.  It’s an exciting time to be a part of this new community with our very low entry level pricing so if you have been looking around for a beach vacation property look no further.  With a $500 reservation on a lot you will be able to get a 3 night and 4 day stay at Campamento Hotel plus all the tours mentioned above.  We will also pick you up and drop you off at the airport.  Guided tours of the area are included as well.  For more information feel free to email me anytime at gino@njoitrujillo.com or visit our website at www.njoitrujillo.com  njoi construction picsphoto 3-5 roads2

Purchasing Honduras real estate

Purchasing real estate in Honduras is a straightforward process. Investors can buy land by forming a corporation and an attorney can complete the legal procedures needed to create a corporation. When investors form a corporation, they are entitled all the rights of Honduran citizens regarding real estate ownership.

Purchasing Honduras real estate

When buying real estate Honduras, it is essential to follow all the rules and read all the documents related to the transaction carefully. It is also advisable to seek the assistance of a reputable real estate agent when purchasing property. A thorough property ownership history investigation is also recommended in order to prevent negative experiences. The first steps that you need to take before getting a title for a property include verifying the property’s background in the registry and ensuring that municipal taxes like real estate property tax are paid. After this, a notary issues the preliminary deed and this is followed by paying 0.15% of the property’s value as registration fees and 1.5% of its value as transfer tax at a bank. The next steps that follow include changing ownership and registering the property at a property office.

Investing in real estate Honduras is a great idea because it is profitable. The beaches in Honduras offer beautiful views over the sea and mountains. Trujillo offers its residents the best scenic views and many activities to enjoy such as deep sea fishing, rafting, mountain biking, canopy rides and kayaking among many others. You will therefore not go wrong by choosing to invest in real estate in Trujillo Honduras and specifically with us at the Njoi Trujillo Beach Residences.