Welcome to Trujillo, Honduras!!!


My First Post- Welcome to Paradise!

This is my first post on my new blog and I just wanted to share my morning with you! I started my day paddle boarding with my good friends, Linda and Carol. It´s absolutely amazing…gliding over the emerald waters, sun glistening off the water…ah…it´s truly paradise. Today we saw 2 sting rays, a large brown one and a small spotted one! And of course, the ¨flying fish¨ that skip across the water like a shiny silver dollars! When I´m out on the water, gazing at the endless blue sea on one side and the lush green mountains on the other, I can´t believe I am so lucky to live here now!

NJOI Trujillo Has Announced New Luxury Properties and Houses for Sale in Honduras

NJOI Trujillo has announced that they have new villas for sale in Honduras, which are perfect for the Canadian or American looking for a vacation or retirement getaway.

Toronto, ON – August, 2016 – NJOI Trujillo, Toronto area vacation real estate broker for houses for sale in Honduras, has announced new villas at great low prices. These villas make ideal vacation, retirement, and investment properties for Canadians due to their low prices, beautiful landscape, modern amenities, and the tropical climate.  Continue reading

Three Reasons Canadians and Americans are Buying NJOI Trujillo Real Estate in Honduras this Year

Since 2011 when Honduras officially became open for international business, Canadians and Americans have enjoyed the real estate in Honduras. With the affordable prices on custom luxury homes through NJOI Trujillo, it has never been easier to own a personal slice of the tropical paradise. But the warm climate and breathtaking views are just a couple of reasons both Canadians and Americans are buying homes in Honduras, here are three more reasons.  Continue reading

NJOI Trujillo Announces New Villas and Houses for Sale in Honduras

NJOI Trujillo has announced that there are six easy steps for Canadians and Americans buying houses for sale in Honduras through the Toronto based real estate broker.

Toronto, ON – August, 2016 – NJOI Trujillo is pleased to announce that buying houses for sale in Honduras is only six simple steps away for Americans and Canadians looking for investment property, vacation or retirement homes.  Continue reading