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5 Amenities That Make Beach Residences In Honduras Special

With its tropical climate and beautiful Caribbean coastline, Honduras is a prime location for beach vacations, second homes, and retirement homes. But one of the best things about buying a property in Honduras is the investment potential.
Compared to nearby countries such as Belize and Costa Rica, Honduras offers more affordable properties…for now. The rapid growth of the economy means that anyone who invests right now will benefit from a significant increase in the value of their residence in Honduras. People who decide to wait a few years before purchasing a beach home in Honduras will be forced to pay much more for their dream Caribbean home.
And with 5-star developments such as those currently being built by Njoi in Trujillo, you can rest assured that your Honduran beach residence will be built to the highest specifications and part of a well-planned, gated community. In fact, both the Njoi Trujillo and Njoi Santa Fe developments recently won the prestigious International Property Award for the best residential developments in Central and South America.
Here are just 5 of the amenities you can expect to find when you purchase a beach residence in Honduras.

1. Access to a Caribbean beach

One of the many reasons why visitors come to Honduras is to relax on a tropical beach. The northern coastline of Honduras faces the Caribbean Sea and features many pristine beaches, such as the white sandy beach adjacent to the Njoi Trujillo development.
Like other high-quality beach residence developments in Honduras, the Njoi Trujillo development features palapas, lounge chairs, and kayaks for fun in the sea. Palapas, with their open sides and thatched rooves, offer shade from the sun and a cooling breeze when you want to take a rest from the sun.
A kayak is a great way to explore along the beach and offshore reef. And if you plan to hike to other inland locations or drive to other beaches, a blow up kayak provides you with the flexibility of easy transport and a reliable boat.

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2. Excellent sports facilities

If you want to stay happy and healthy, you must exercise. Playing sports is also a great way to socialize with your friends, make new friends, and have fun.
Many Honduran beach developments include modern sports facilities designed to keep you entertained and in good health. For example, Phase #3 of the Njoi Trujillo development includes a yoga center, tennis court, gym, large community pool, access to a golf course with golf cart concierge service, kayaks, and a spa.
And if you enjoy hiking as part of your keep-fit routine, Honduras offers a tropical rainforest, stunning waterfalls, tropical flowers, and abundant wildlife, such as parrots and monkeys. The Njoi Trujillo development is adjacent to a white sandy beach and near hiking trails. Whether you prefer to stroll along the beach or hike through the rainforest, Honduras has plenty to offer.

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3. A handy marina

Owning a yacht or motorized boat is a great way to explore your tropical neighborhood. The more exclusive beach developments in Honduras will provide access to a marina. These enable friends with boats to visit and also provide you with somewhere to moor your own vacation vessel.
Phase #3 of the Njoi Trujillo development is centered around a private marina. This makes a vacation home in Phase #3 the perfect base for Caribbean boating adventures. What’s more, you’ll benefit from a fantastic view of yacht sails and blue water right outside your door.
Another benefit of a marina is that it increases the resale value of your home and makes it more attractive on the market. Lots of people looking for a vacation or retirement property love the idea of living on a marina.

4. Honduran cuisine

One of the best reasons for selecting a beach retirement home in Honduras is easy access to delicious Honduran food. The food in Honduras is a fantastic blend of Spanish, African, Caribbean, and indigenous cuisine. You’ll find high-quality restaurants serving fresh and affordable dishes, especially seafood.
The Njoi Trujillo development is not only located near some of Honduras’ best restaurants, but Trujillo also hosts a popular Farmers’ Market. Trujillo is an old Spanish colonial port populated by 30,000 fishermen and farmers. Inside the market, you can purchase freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, freshly butchered meat, and freshly caught seafood.
Njoi Trujillo beach residences come complete with ergonomically designed modern kitchens. With locally sourced ingredients and a few conversations with locals, you can be cooking your own authentic Honduran food soon. Some of the larger properties offer the optional extra of a second kitchenette. This significantly increases the potential vacation letting income of your Honduran beach residence.

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5. Access to cultural and natural attractions

Honduras boasts the world’s second-largest barrier reef, making it a fantastic scuba-diving and snorkeling destination. The rainforest and waterfalls provide wonderful scenery, while the wildlife is fascinating. Developments like Njoi Trujillo Phase #3 feature breathtaking ocean views.
And history lovers can explore the Mayan ruins of Copan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Copan was occupied for over 2,000 years and was the capital of a Mayan kingdom from the 5th to 9th centuries CE. The ruined urban center features monuments and temples with characteristic Mayan carvings and hieroglyphs. A stairway excavated in Copan features 2,200 hieroglyphs that comprise the longest extant Mayan hieroglyphic text.

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Act now before it’s too late

The best beachfront property in Honduras is being developed right now. Because of nature preserves and future conservation orders, future developments will not feature such prime positions. And the booming Honduran economy means that beachfront properties won’t stay as affordable as they are right now.
If you don’t want to miss out, check out developments like Njoi Trujillo Phase #3. There are only 115 model homes in that development, and many have already been reserved or sold. You should research all the benefits of the available lots and then swoop in before they sell out.