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How Tourism in Honduras Has Led to a Growth in Beach Houses for Sale

Beach Houses for Sale

In looking at beach houses for sale, it’s imperative you review the country and the regions surrounding the beaches. Do they provide the level of comfort you expect? Our team at NJOI Trujillo specializes in offering beach houses for sale in Honduras, and in our latest post, we’ll explain the growth in the Honduran tourist culture.

The Tourism Incentives Law

One of the leading drivers of tourism in Honduras has been the Tourism Incentives Law, which allowed businesses to create tourism projects without paying income taxes for a period of 10 years. This law has allowed the lodging and resorts industries to thrive over recent years and has helped create the foundation for a stable tourism industry in Honduras.

Western Honduras Offers a Glimpse into the Mayan Civilization

Another reason for the booming Honduran tourism trade is the discovery of the Mayan ruins in the Western Honduras city of Copan. Copan is known as the Paris of the Mayan civilization and offers some of the finest archeological conditions anywhere in the world.

Improving Economy

Where once Honduras was a poorer Central American nation with little material wealth, the country is now developing significantly as a result of targeted political campaigns and new laws intent on enhancing security and fostering economic prosperity. Since the 1990s, Honduras has become home to many European citizens and is now a welcoming country in which to enjoy retirement, begin a career, or simply take a vacation with family and friends.

Work with NJOI in Discovering Honduras Beach Houses for Sale

Our team at NJOI Trujillo has been working in Honduras for many years, and we’re here to help guide you in choosing the ideal beach houses for sale across the Honduran coastline. With its luxurious amenities and outstanding vistas, our Trujillo resort could be your perfect new home. To discover more about Honduras and its tourism industry, call us today.