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Discover the Latest Real Estate Options in Trujillo

With its captivating natural landscapes and engaging local community, Trujillo is home to a thriving real estate marketplace. But buyers must work with local area market leaders if they are to find the right home for their investment. This type of transaction is difficult without local guidance. And so now the team at NJOI are offering their expertise into the Trujillo real estate market to buyers throughout the globe. In this latest post, we look at one of the most popular models within our selection.

The Model Home 2 features over 1800 sq. ft. of prime real estate right in the heart of Trujillo. The home offers buyers a walk-in closet within their very own master bedroom. The property also features high-end finishes such as granite and quartz countertops across all rooms. For those that prefer to enjoy those quiet moments with their loved ones, the Model Home 2 presents buyers with the perfect location for their private deck. From here, residents can look out over the local landscape while separated from neighbors.

It’s the perfect option for an outstanding living experience in Trujillo! To learn more on the Model Home 2 and the many other options offered through NJOI, speak with our team now at 1.647.998.6564.