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What Makes Real Estate in Honduras so Desirable for Canadians?

Real estate in Honduras offers many benefits, particularly to those living in its northern cousin, Canada. Honduras, which is located along the Caribbean coastline, is the definition of a tropical paradise, which alone is enough to entice many to purchase area homes for sale. The warmer climate; however, is just one reason Canadians find the area so desirable.

Honduras is a Tropical Paradise

Crystal clear waters leading off of white sandy beaches, rolling green hills out in the distance and the waterfall studded rainforest meet in the coastal areas of Honduras, which shares a coastline with the Caribbean. Real estate in Honduras for sale through NJOI Trujillo boasts these picturesque views and provides ample opportunities to explore the world’s second largest rainforest through guided tours. Honduras is also home to the world’s second largest barrier reefs, allowing for even greater chances to enjoy the wonders the area has to offer.

The Local Community and Rich Culture

Honduras began as a Spanish Colonial city, and to this day offers that rich cultural experience to all those who come to the area. Since tourism has become a major industry in Honduras and the surrounding communities, there are dozens of opportunities to explore, learn, and enjoy all the history and beauty of the area through guided tours. The shopping district alone offers countless choices in shopping, eating, and exploring. 

Customized Homes Through NJOI Trujillo

Due in large part to the opening of the new marina, property in Honduras has become very popular with investors, vacationers, and those who are close to retirement. Real estate in Honduras offered through NJOI Trujillo is both affordable and customizable. Each home, either vacation, rental, or retirement, can be customized to each person’s taste and style without compromising on modern amenities. Homes and villas are designed by the renowned design firm Hugo Coello Arquitectors.

These properties are expected to sell fast, so reserve your lot today and you could be relaxing in style in no time. As an added bonus to those who reserve their desired lot, NJOI Trujillo is offering an extended week long trip to Honduras. To learn more about the allure of real estate in Honduras, or to request your free informational webinar on owning a slice of this tropical paradise, please contact NJOI Trujillo today.