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The Investment Benefits of NJOI Beachfront Homes for Sale in Honduras

By understanding more on your investment opportunities abroad, you can begin to make more effective decisions in allocating your financial resources. Our team at NJOI Trujillo are experts in the real estate investment field, and in this latest post we’ll highlight the value of beachfront homes for sale in Honduras.

Join Over 200 Canadians and Americans

The latest data shows that over 200 Canadians and Americans have bought property within the NJOI Trujillo region and within recent developments. The growth within the industry has been spectacular in recent years, as highlighted by the new 20 million dollar cruise ship terminal, which is now giving the area wider exposure and increasing interest in the purchase of beachfront homes for sale in Honduras.

Still Quiet and Maintains its Authenticity

Unlike many of the other resorts across local tropical communities, the Trujillo area remains quiet and their community is committed to maintaining an authentic way of life. The city was founded by explorer Christopher Columbus and has become known as one of the leading areas for natural beauty across the globe. It’s part of the reason so many investors are now considering the options available.  

Selling Quickly

Already, many of the lots in the NJOI Trujillo beachfront community are selling out. Most of the beachfront homes for sale in this renowned Honduras town area being sold to investors from across the country, keen to capitalize on the affordable opportunity. New buyers can build custom homes according to set community guidelines, or choose from three set models including the bungalow, the bungalow with rooftop terrace, and the two-storey properties.

Package Deal Available

Those interested in learning more about the development can now visit NJOI Trujillo directly. The company offers a $500 package deal that includes a lot reserved for 60 days, a tour of the community and a trip to many scenic areas, including waterfalls that span 1,500 above sea level, and hiking trips to Mount Capiro and Calentura.  

For more information on this rare investment opportunity, please contact or call 1-888-960-6564.