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Three Reasons Canadians and Americans are Buying NJOI Trujillo Real Estate in Honduras this Year

Since 2011 when Honduras officially became open for international business, Canadians and Americans have enjoyed the real estate in Honduras. With the affordable prices on custom luxury homes through NJOI Trujillo, it has never been easier to own a personal slice of the tropical paradise. But the warm climate and breathtaking views are just a couple of reasons both Canadians and Americans are buying homes in Honduras, here are three more reasons. 

They Make Ideal Investment Properties

Real estate in Honduras has recently seen a spike in value as more commercial endeavors begin, especially the addition of the new marina which became a central hub for cruise ships. This, coupled with the rich culture, thriving historic downtown area, fresh local produce, and ecological marvels make the area ideal for investment. With prices starting at USD$199k for phase 3, you can purchase a customizable home to rent for passive income.

They Allow a Break from Life’s Stresses

Owning a personal slice of the tropical paradise of Honduras opens up more chances for Canadians and Americans to escape from the stresses of the day to day. Real estate in Honduras, which over looks crystal waters, powdery beaches, and the tropical rainforest, make perfect vacation homes ideal for a weekend retreat or a week long sabbatical. Property owners even have the option of renting out their villa or vacation home when not in use to earn a small rental income.

Affordable Retirement Retreats

Many Canadians and Americans on the cusp of retirement often dream of a winter escape, a warm place free of snow and blistering winds. Real Estate in Honduras, located along the Caribbean coastline, offers this much needed retreat without draining your retirement funds. Better yet, these properties can pull double or even triple duty, meeting all three options throughout the course of ownership. 

In fact, NJOI Trujillo recently added 107 villas to their properties for sale, which offer an even better value and additional benefits. Phase 2 is nearly sold out, just a few lots left starting at USD$65K.

Owning a personal slice of the tropical paradise in Honduras has never been easier. Through NJOI Trujillo, ownership is just six simple steps away, starting with enrolling in the free information webinar. For more information on the many uses of real estate in Honduras, or to request your free webinar, please contact the passionate experts at NJOI Trujillo today.