The Benefits of Buying a Custom House in Honduras with NJOI

Custom homes have now become a leading option for those looking to buy properties in a foreign country. But finding the right market and choosing that ideal time to buy is often difficult for those with limited experience in the marketplace. It’s why so many homebuyers are now buying a custom house in Honduras through the team at NJOI Trujillo

Marketplace Knowledge

Knowing the styles that dominate the modern marketplace and crafting those styles to perfection has helped NJOI Trujillo become the leading specialist for custom properties. Buying a custom house in Honduras is made simple by the NJOI team, who analyze the marketplace and work with buyers to ensure the perfect home is built according to their discerning requirements. No element is left to chance by the NJOI Trujillo team. They research the industry and work with the best designers and architects to build refined custom properties.

Connection with the Experts

Because NJOI Trujillo has a direct connection with some of the most renowned experts in the local Honduran marketplace, buyers can rest assured their properties are designed and built to the highest of standards. The company’s custom homes are created by Hugo Coello and are built in locations where stunning scenery and a captivating architecture blend to form the perfect home.

A History of Market Success

Past clients continue to highlight their exceptional experiences with the NJOI Trujillo team. Please review some of our testimonials below:

The views were breathtaking and beautiful. We have a 180-degree panoramic view of the spectacular beach and to the sides, we can see the mountain rainforest.

For us, the property will be an investment for rental and a holiday home. We saw the potential of what our home will be by viewing Hugo development project in Roatan and are excited about what he will build for us in Santa Fe. Maybe it will be our retiring home.”

Yunus & Nanda

“When I was invited down to Trujillo, Honduras, I was very hesitant about going. I remembered stories I had read in the newspaper about Honduras back in the 1970s and 80s and I was very fearful of going. Also, even nowadays, the political situation never seems stable there and you hear a lot about the drug trade. Well, I made the decision not to let fear hold me back. When I arrived, I realized that all my fears were unfounded.

Trujillo was safe, beautiful and unspoiled. The air was pure and I immediately felt re-energized. The green of the mountains and the blue of the sea were captivating. The people were friendly and very welcoming. I felt at home and knew that I would certainly invest and make Njoi Trujillo my new get-away.”

Pam Maragoni, Toronto

Build your dream home in captivating Trujillo, Honduras. To learn more about the options available in buying a custom house in Honduras, call us today!

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