Three Reasons Canadians and Americans are Buying NJOI Trujillo Real Estate in Honduras this Year

Since 2011 when Honduras officially became open for international business, Canadians and Americans have enjoyed the real estate in Honduras. With the affordable prices on custom luxury homes through NJOI Trujillo, it has never been easier to own a personal slice of the tropical paradise. But the warm climate and breathtaking views are just a couple of reasons both Canadians and Americans are buying homes in Honduras, here are three more reasons.  Continue reading

What Makes Real Estate in Honduras so Desirable for Canadians?

Real estate in Honduras offers many benefits, particularly to those living in its northern cousin, Canada. Honduras, which is located along the Caribbean coastline, is the definition of a tropical paradise, which alone is enough to entice many to purchase area homes for sale. The warmer climate; however, is just one reason Canadians find the area so desirable. Continue reading