Purchasing Honduras real estate

Purchasing real estate in Honduras is a straightforward process. Investors can buy land by forming a corporation and an attorney can complete the legal procedures needed to create a corporation. When investors form a corporation, they are entitled all the rights of Honduran citizens regarding real estate ownership.

Purchasing Honduras real estate

When buying real estate Honduras, it is essential to follow all the rules and read all the documents related to the transaction carefully. It is also advisable to seek the assistance of a reputable real estate agent when purchasing property. A thorough property ownership history investigation is also recommended in order to prevent negative experiences. The first steps that you need to take before getting a title for a property include verifying the property’s background in the registry and ensuring that municipal taxes like real estate property tax are paid. After this, a notary issues the preliminary deed and this is followed by paying 0.15% of the property’s value as registration fees and 1.5% of its value as transfer tax at a bank. The next steps that follow include changing ownership and registering the property at a property office.

Investing in real estate Honduras is a great idea because it is profitable. The beaches in Honduras offer beautiful views over the sea and mountains. Trujillo offers its residents the best scenic views and many activities to enjoy such as deep sea fishing, rafting, mountain biking, canopy rides and kayaking among many others. You will therefore not go wrong by choosing to invest in real estate in Trujillo Honduras and specifically with us at the Njoi Trujillo Beach Residences.

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