One Alberta Family’s Experience in Buying Honduras Beach Property

Honduras has quickly become one of the latest buying destination for those looking for beachside homes. Buying beach property in Honduras is made simpler when working with an expert such as NJOI, and this was highlighted recently by one Alberta family who have worked with NJOI to find their perfect home in Honduras. In this latest post, we’ll highlight their story.

The Labonte Family of Red Deer, Alberta were searching for a family home to call their own in a tropical beachside location. They had been searching comprehensively for several months when they discovered NJOI Santa Fe. NJOI Santa Fe is the follow-up resort of our team here at NJOI to our successful NJOI Trujillo location. The new resort features breathtaking ocean views from every single lot, providing an unparalleled ownership experience for those buying beach property in Honduras.

Mike and his wife Jilleen have a child named Charli, and they knew they’d found their paradise when they discovered NJOI Santa Fe.

In a recent interview with the Calgary Herald, Mike talked about his first impressions of the NJOI Santa Fe site, and what made he and his wife choose to settle in the area.

“There really are no tourists in the area yet besides the backpackers,” Mike says. “So people who use the beaches are locals. And the water is very still because it’s in the bay, so there isn’t a lot of waves or movement. It just sits there like a hot tub.”

One of the other benefits of buying through NJOI Santa Fe is the flexibility it provides. Buyers have a 5-year period before which building must take place on their property. This gives the opportunity of renting for a short period to determine what type of home best suits the buyer’s needs and the local community.

Mike told the Calgary Herald his family’s plan for building in the future: “We’ll rent other people’s properties just to see what we want to build and discover how we want to build a house. We’ll have it as a rental and have it for ourselves to go down two or three weeks a year.”

NJOI is now helping buyers across the country in buying prestigious beach property in Honduras. NJOI is now exclusive Remax agent for listings. To discover more about the property options available, call NJOI today!

Why A Vacation Home In Honduras Is A Must Have

The question you should ask yourself isn’t whether you should consider a vacation home in Honduras. It’s why shouldn’t you? Why doesn’t a vacation home in a place housing the world’s second largest rainforest and barrier reef make sense? Why wouldn’t you want a vacation home that offers you all the conveniences of modern living, with a view of sun-kissed beaches and crystal-clear seas? Here are some of the other benefits of owning a vacation home:

You have lots of options

NJOI Trujillo offers all kinds of properties in stunning locations for clients who appreciate the benefits of a vacation home in Honduras. These homes make sense not just because they function as great holiday or retirement getaways, but because they can generate rental income right through the year. You can pick a vacation home based on your budget, in private beach communities that offer you convenience and safety, and the simple purchasing process is managed by legal experts who make sure you get what you pay for.

Own a bit of Paradise

Honduras attracts visitors from around the world because it isn’t just a Caribbean getaway with stunning, endless stretches of beaches. It is also home to lush rainforests, coral reefs, art and culture centers, world-class restaurants and more, making it interesting not just as a vacation spot for the young but as a retirement destination for the older. You can spend your vacation doing things you enjoy, from swimming under waterfalls to snorkeling, relaxing on white sandy beaches or sampling the local cuisine at restaurants located just minutes from your vacation home.

NJOI Trujillo offers all kinds of vacation homes in Honduras that celebrate the place’s natural beauty and allow you to pick or customize your dream home.

Why Honduras

If you’re looking for a vacation home that offers you all the comforts of home, with the kind of views that fit right into your idea of paradise, the team at NJOI has all kinds of options you can consider. We have made clients happy for years, with our streamlined buying process. For more on how you can enjoy Honduras, contact us today!

Why A Vacation Rental In Honduras Makes Great Sense

More and more people are waking up to the fact that vacation rentals in Honduras make sense for a number of reasons. The spectacular beauty of the place continues to attract tourists all the year round, while a booming economy and promise of millions of dollars in investments ensures that these properties and the value they offer will only continue to rise.

This is why you now have all kinds of vacation rental options to choose from, and why so many tourists have begun to accept the benefits of a vacation rental. Here are a few more reasons why they continue to grow in popularity:

Jaw-dropping beauty

If your idea of heaven involves white sands, crystal-clear waters and the sun shining down on you, Honduras is your idea of paradise. NJOI Trujillo boasts all kinds of vacation rentals in Honduras that offer visitors access to the breathtaking Caribbean as well as the world’s second largest Barrier Reef. If that’s not enticing enough, there’s also lush rainforest and majestic waterfalls. Natural beauty, art, culture and great food: What’s not to love?

Home away from home

Getting used to a lifestyle means choosing a vacation that understands and respects your choices. What you get with a vacation rental property in Honduras is all the joys of modern living, with the most spectacular views outside. Vacation rentals boast access to grocery stores, bars, restaurants, and come with full kitchens, rooftop patios, laundry facilities, infinity pools, climate-controlled rooms and more. You may never want to leave.

Why NJOI Trujillo

NJOI Trujillo beach residences and properties are located in the bay of Trujillo Honduras. What you get at these properties is quick access to the most interesting local spots and a host of activities that guarantee fun for your entire family. You can swim under a mighty waterfall if you feel like it, go snorkeling at a coral reef, hike up a mountain or take a tram through the old town of Trujillo. Your options, like the sandy beaches, are endless.

NJOI has taken care of all vacation rental needs for clients from around the world, for years. We continue to attract buyers and pleasure-seekers because they acknowledge our expertise in managing every step of their vacation. With NJOI, you get the best of Honduras with no hassle whatsoever. For more information on the benefits of vacation rentals, give us a call and our team will be happy to assist you!