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NJOI’s Guide to Buying Real Estate in Honduras

Many people believe that buying real estate in a new country is going to be too challenging for them. It often prevents them from buying their new dream home. If you’ve already visiting Honduras, you’re likely aware of the outstanding potential in buying Honduras real estate. Our team has decades of experience in the purchase process, and in this latest post we’ll present our guide to buying real estate in Honduras.

What You Should Know

Before you begin looking for opportunities for buying real estate in Honduras, it’s important that you know what to expect. First, it’s important to note that Honduras is very welcoming of foreign buyers. The law allows you to own three quarters of an acre of property in Honduras personally. You can also create a corporation in Honduras, which then allows you to build up your ownership levels. You can also expect the same right to personal privacy as Honduras citizens.

How to Own a Slice of Paradise

Trujillo, Honduras is a town with outstanding real estate opportunities right on the Caribbean shores. The properties within the resort are designed by the world class team at Hugo Coello and assure world class views across the region. There are many floor plans to choose from and custom features to include within your ideal home. And our team is available now to guide you on the purchase process!

Phase three of our development is now underway, and homes are selling quickly. You may also consider buying real estate in Santa Fe, Honduras for access to an exquisite location at affordable purchase pricing. We’re available now to guide you on the purchase process. To learn more, call us today at 1-888-960-6564.