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The largest carnival in Central America! It began in 1929, when a Municipal Decree officially established the holiday of ¨la Feria Isidro¨and at the same time, ¨San Isidro Labrador¨ (Saint Isidro the Laborer) was named as the patron saint of La Ceiba. The day of la Feria Isidro was a day of celebration for all the working men and women in the town. Now it is a week long celebration of street fairs, traditional food and dancing, and rodeo, culminating in a large parade held on either the 3rd or 4th Saturday in May.
If you have a chance to experience the Carnival, don´t miss it! Its a sensory overload! Amazing costumes and dancing, great music, fantastic traditional food, (including the best chorizo sausage you´ll ever eat!) and a very entertaining rodeo!

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