About Gino Santarossa

My Name is Gino Santarossa and I am the Senior Partner of the Njoi Trujillo and the Njoi Santa Fe Beach Residences. It is our honour to call Trujillo Honduras our new home. We have been here for 3+ years now and love the low key way of living here in Trujillo. The friendly people, the delicious organic food, Organic fruit markets, Seafood brought fresh to the market daily and just the laid back mentality is just what we wanted. The 21 Km beach surrounded by rain forests makes Trujillo Honduras an amazing place to live, retire and NJOI life the way it was supposed to be lived. Visit us anytime.

Discover the NJOI Santa Fe Honduras Beach Residences

Buying beach residences in beautiful Honduras can ensure your ideal home in a tropical location. Thousands of buyers are now working with NJOI Santa Fe to find Santa Fe beach residences that meet their lifestyle needs. And in this latest post, we’ll explore on the NJOI Santa Fe community and the homes within it.

Convenient Location

As one of the leading Honduras beach properties, NJOI Santa Fe is located just 1000 miles southwest of Miami and only 32 miles away from the islands of Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja. The community is also only 13 miles away from the pristine beaches at Cayos Cochinos.

5-Star Development

NJOI Santa Fe is considered a five-star development with the amenities to match. Within the community, you’ll have access to a community pool, spa, gym, and two restaurants. There’s also a yoga center conveniently located close to all homes.

Luxury-Style Maintenance

With your investment in luxury properties, you’ll also receive high caliber maintenance services. The property management team can, for example, arrange for expert gardeners and other help around the home. You can also have all your fresh food delivered right to your door through the company’s property maintenance staff.

Complete Security

As part of your investment in your Santa Fe beach residences at NJOI Santa Fe, an annual fee of $1,200 USD is payable to the company for complete residence security and maintenance. This includes 24-hour home security services and maintenance on common areas throughout the property. It’s a commitment to community support that has helped NJOI Santa Fe thrive.

Own Your Santa FE Beach Residence Today

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Discover the Latest Stylish Yet Practical Villas for Sale in Honduras

NJOI Trujillo is now offering access to some of the leading villas for sale in Honduras. It’s important to review all options closely to find the type of home that suits you and your family for the future. In this latest post, we’ll explore our Model 1 Honduras homes, and the features the property includes.

Buying a Luxury Villa in Honduras

√ Three Bedrooms

The Model 1 property has three bedrooms in which family members can enjoy their ideal comfortable lifestyle. It’s an element designed to provide a separate relaxation space for all household members.

√ Open Concept Living Room

The open concept living room ensures that ideal room for entertaining guests and for provoking communication between family members. The kitchen and the living spaces are opened up, ensuring that household members can easily discuss their day while preparing a meal together.

√ Rooftop Patio

For those hosting parties within the home, the rooftop patios of the Model 1 homes provide the ideal space. From here, you can enjoy the idyllic view over the local area as you relax with family and friends.

√ Affordable Pricing

One of the leading advantages of this luxury model villa is that the price is $100-$120 per square feet to build, ensuring the ideal price-point for a full range of buyers.

√ NJOI Trujillo

The team here at NJOI Trujillo can introduce you to the full range of villas now for sale in Honduras. To speak to an expert today, call our team directly!

Discover NJOI Trujillo’s Model 3 Honduras Villas for Sale

Here at NJOI Trujillo, we specialize in offering Honduras villas for sale that defy the market expectations, and we continually set the highest of standards in the industry. The latest example of our commitment to building luxury properties is the Model 3 Honduras villas. In this latest post, we’ll explain more on the Model 3 and its features.

What to Expect from Buying a Model 3 Villa in Honduras

4-Bedroom Property

The Model 3 is a four-bedroom home built for families as well as those who simply love to entertain throughout the year. With two bedrooms on the ground floor and two on the upper level, the villa is ideal for those with accessibility challenges and can be customized to suit all lifestyle needs.

Rental Property Potential

The split style design of the home lends itself to potential rental options. A homeowner might choose to live in the bottom half of the property and rent the two bedrooms in the upper part of the home. It’s a real estate investment that could yield significant retirement income for prudent investors.

Luxury Lifestyle in Paradise

The custom designed Model 3 property is situated within the outstanding Trujillo, Honduras community, where paradise is right outside the front door. It’s the ideal location for building a dream home away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Our team at NJOI Trujillo can help you access the leading villas for sale in the Honduras marketplace. To discover more on the latest options, call us today!