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Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Our Honduras Vacation Rentals

Are you looking for a new vacation spot which brings you absolutely gorgeous scenery, amazing cuisine, and friendly locals… but hasn’t been totally overrun with tourists yet?  Honduras might be your next adventure destination!

As one of the first companies promoting tourism in this wonderful scenic nation, NJOI Trujillo -quite understandably- get a lot of questions about it.  So, we wanted to create a Honduras vacation rentals FAQ about the country, vacation rental properties, and other info.

Vacation Rentals in Honduras FAQ – Answering Your Questions!

1. Do we need a car?

It’s not strictly necessary, but definitely advisable – particularly if you want to make trips into the cities to complement your time spent on the beach or in the rain forest.  We can help you make the rental arrangements.

2. What’s the weather like?

Honduras has a tropical climate, and is generally quite pleasant most of the time with temperatures on average of 82°F (28°C).  However, be aware that there is a rainy season between August and December which sees frequent short bursts of heavy rains.

3. Should we drink the water?

In general, no.  Fortunately, you can drink from the tab water in our NJOI homes as they come with a water purification system which is a big plus in Honduras.

4. Is there shopping, or do I need to bring my own supplies?

Oh, there is shopping!  Our Honduras vacation rentals and properties are only 6km from the nearby city of Trujillo which has all the amenities, including grocery stores, bars, restaurants, churches, and more.  You shouldn’t have any problem buying anything you need.

5. Are there historical sites of interest?

Absolutely!  Trujillo was actually one of the sites where Christopher Columbus landed during his explorations of the new world.  The modern city is nearly 500 years old, and features points of interest such as the Fortress of Santa Barbara and numerous centuries-old churches.

6. Why choose a Honduras vacation rental instead of staying at a resort?

Our vacation rental homes are designed to make your stay in Honduras as pleasant as possible.  You get plenty of space, plenty of privacy, and despite being right on the beach, you’re only a quick drive from the city.  Plus, they’re often as cheap or cheaper than staying in a tiny resort hotel room!

Begin Your Honduras Adventure with Njoi Trujillo

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