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A Guide to the Cuisine in Honduras

Honduras shares its shoreline with the crystalline Caribbean Sea, it’s got deep-rooted history and culture and the real estate is incredibly affordable, but you don’t often hear about the culinary offerings this country offers its residents. It’s not because the food isn’t tasty and flavorful in this beautiful country. It’s quite the contrary! Cuisine in Honduras is varied and highly valued around the world.

Discovering Trujillo & Its Cuisine

The cuisine in Honduras is just as diverse as the country’s history and culture. With a blend of Spanish, African and indigenous cuisine, the country offers many pleasant and palatable surprises. Although traditionally the various regions of Honduras were more partial to certain ingredients – corn in the highlands and seafood and coconut along the coast – these days it’s possible to find that ideal meal across the country, including in the beautiful town of Trujillo.

Despite having an incredibly diverse selection of meal options, the ‘unofficial’ national dish is called plato tipico, or ‘typical dish’. But, if you’re from North America, this dish is far from ‘typical’. The dish is a real treat for those looking to experience authentic Honduran food. Always affordable, Hondurans will usually have plato tipico for lunch, as it’s quite filling, and then choose a lighter dinner. The plato tipico always consists of a type of meat (or fish), rice, beans, cheese, plantains and sometimes a salad, eggs or avocado. It’s especially delicious when paired with (usually homemade) hot sauce, a table staple in Honduras.

Honduras’ Food & Fruits

You can’t visit Honduras without seeing, smelling and tasting the abundance of fresh fruit available in every town and along the roadways. If you’re looking for a uniquely Honduran fruit treat, try the mango verde or mango tierno (baby green mango). These are found in abundance in the spring and are prepared a number of delicious ways… with the most popular recipe using a sweet hot sauce or lime, cumin, pepper and salt. Coconut, as a food, is a predominant part of Honduran cuisine – from savory to sweet dishes, it’s rumored that Honduras actually uses coconut more than any of its Central American neighbors.

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For those who wish to experience a truly unique (coastal) Honduran meal, the town of Trujillo will not disappoint. Discover the sopa de caracol, or conch soup – a fresh seafood soup that’s thickened with coconut milk and filled with plantains, yuca, other local veggies, and spices. Delicious cuisine is available in areas throughout Honduras! Now you just have to plan your stay!

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