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A Guide to Buying Homes for Sale in Honduras

Buying homes in a new country can offer you the opportunity to experience a new life and ones that opens up the world to you and your family. Our team at NJOI have helped thousands of buyers find their perfect piece of paradise in Honduras, and within our latest post we’re presenting our guide to Honduras for those buying Honduras homes for sale.

Go See the Copan Ruins

The Copan Ruins in Honduras are one of the most popular tourist destinations and will help to introduce you to the culture and the history surrounding the region. The ruins are of a Mayan city and it may take a couple of days to see the entire site. You can enjoy the site over several trips or simple book a multi-day stay in the area. While at the Ruins, you should take the time to tour the tunnels underneath, which provide an otherworldly view of the history of the site.

Make Sure You Read Your Restaurant Bill to Avoid Tipping Twice

One of the most important tips for those buying Honduras homes for sale is to look more closely at their restaurant and bar bills. Oftentimes establishments will add a tip directly to the bill in the form of a service charge. You will see the phrase “servicio” on the bill, which indicates a tip has been added. You might also consider paying in cash when eating at local restaurants, as some companies will charge the customer their credit card processing fee as part of the bill.

Get Certified as a Diver

If you’re planning on buying Honduras homes for sale and staying in the area for the long-term, you should consider becoming certified as a diver. The country has many unique diving destinations in Trujillo, Honduras. Make sure you book your certification well in advance to ensure you’re ready to explore Honduras’s beautiful underwater destinations.

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