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5 Things You Should Know About Investing in Honduras Real Estate

Real estate investing, in and of itself, is smart business, particularly when sale prices are low but are expected to rise, such as the Honduras real estate. NJOI Trujillo outline five things you should know about investing in the tropical real estate of Honduras.

1. Great Return on Investment

Not six years ago, Honduras was officially opened for international business. Since then, a 20-million-dollar cruise ship terminal, among other major investments, have brought jobs, entertainment, and economic stability to the area. As more people realize the wonder that is waiting in this little chunk of tropical paradise, prices on key real estate, such as the luxury villas for sale by NJOI Trujillo, are expected to rise in the coming years, promising a nice return for early investors.

2. Proposed International Airport to Further Boost the Economy

As with the cruise ship terminal, a major international airport would likely boost the local economy by providing additional jobs and making it simpler for travels to reach Honduras.

3. Current Prices are Shockingly Low

Due in large part to Honduras’s recent emergence into international business, prices for Honduras real estate is surprisingly low compared to some other tropical resort areas. For example, a modern beach villa for sale in Honduras by NJOI Trujillo starts at only $169K (USD). The cost of living is also much lower than most parts of the United States and Canada, making Honduras a smart place to invest.

4. Over 100 Clients Call the NJOI home

Falling in love with the area is a big risk when you come to visit, as our more than 100 happy clients have experienced. The beautiful landscape, exotic flora and fauna, and rich history combine to create a one-of-kind tropical paradise. You can have this blissful escape, complete with pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and modern amenities.

5. Built to North American Standards

You do not have to give up modern comforts or safety when you move to a tropical get-a-way. Each one of our luxury, custom homes are built to North American standards to ensure your maximum comfort, relaxation, and peace of mind.

To learn more about how investing in Honduras real estate is a good idea, or to request information about how to start the process, please contact the dedicated staff at NJOI Trujillo today, or sign up for a free Webinar to learn more.