A Room with a View…

A room with a view…that soothes the soul! Just got this email and picture from one of our recent guests…enjoy!

¨You know, when I was asked to say something about our stay in Trujillo at La Campamento I thought …., Mm, Maybe …aaahhh, show me an agenda of the touristy things that we are going to do.

At least this was our thinking on arrival at La Campamento in the evening…. a la Tourista.

We woke up to the crowing of cocks at 5am – flung open the door to our terrace and looked at the Caribbean Sea .……

Everything Stopped. Nothing mattered.  Engulfed by feelings of …… things may happen….., and they may not……. and that’s ok.  Trujillo.¨

July 19-23/12 @ La Campamento, Trujillo, Honduras

Shervington and Donna-Lee Kerr

Oakville, ON


What is there to do in Trujillo, Honduras???

People sometimes say to me…¨What is there to do in Trujillo?¨
Trujillo has it ALL!!! Its where the mountains meet the ocean, so you can do anything…hiking, biking, swimming, paddling, kayaking, fishing. Or…you can do nothing at all…and enjoy the company of friends!
Next post…what to do in Honduras! Stay posted!
Lucia relaxing with Chimmie
Appetizers and drinks at Vino Tinto
Hiking to and swimming at the waterfalls
Paddleboard…while stingrays glide under your board
Early morning hike…Mt Calentura
The peak at Mt Calentura
Movie night at Tranquility Bay…Chimmie loves popcorn!
Betulia River and Cascades
Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner
Boat ride out to Starfish Bay

So what is there to do??? ANYTHING you want!!! But dont just believe me…come and see!!!