June Guests!!!
June was a great month in Trujillo! Lots of sun but some afternoon showers to cool off the day! I was so excited to hang out with my good friend, and one of the owners of Njoi, Lucia! We enjoyed some fantastic meals and wine…shopping trips to La Ceiba…and many laughs with friends!
Our latest guest, John, from Alberta was also here and we had an awesome time showing him around. We toured starfish bay, the waterfalls, the laguna and of course, the historic Fort in town. John loved it and is hoping to return as soon as possible! Who wouldn´t???  🙂

Lucia and I, overlooking the bay!

John, Lucia and the engineer…mountain view from the property…fantastic!

Lunch at Vino Tinto Cafe in Trujillo…

The view from Vino Tinto Cafe…..


The largest carnival in Central America! It began in 1929, when a Municipal Decree officially established the holiday of ¨la Feria Isidro¨and at the same time, ¨San Isidro Labrador¨ (Saint Isidro the Laborer) was named as the patron saint of La Ceiba. The day of la Feria Isidro was a day of celebration for all the working men and women in the town. Now it is a week long celebration of street fairs, traditional food and dancing, and rodeo, culminating in a large parade held on either the 3rd or 4th Saturday in May.
If you have a chance to experience the Carnival, don´t miss it! Its a sensory overload! Amazing costumes and dancing, great music, fantastic traditional food, (including the best chorizo sausage you´ll ever eat!) and a very entertaining rodeo!